How To Apply

Follow the steps below to invest in our products.

Important information: Fidante Partners Limited (Fidante Partners) is the responsible entity of each Fund. As responsible entity, Fidante Partners issues units in the Fund and is legally responsible to the unitholders of the Fund for its operation. All correspondence pertaining to your investment will be issued by Fidante Partners and you should contact Fidante Partners with any queries regarding your investment.


New Investors

Step 1.

Download and read the product disclosure statement and any other additional information relating to the product you intend to invest in. Please click on the relevant link below to access the fund documents.

WaveStone Australian Share Fund – Product Disclosure Statement
WaveStone Australian Share Fund – Additional Information Booklet
WaveStone Dynamic Australian Equity Fund – Product Disclosure Statement
WaveStone Dynamic Australian Equity Fund – ASIC Benchmarks and Disclosure Principles Report
WaveStone Absolute Return Fund – Information Memorandum

The WaveStone Absolute Return Fund is only available to wholesale clients (as defined by the Corporations Act 2001). Please contact Fidante Institutional Client Services on +61 13 51 53 if you are a wholesale client and wish to invest in the fund.

Product updates
September 2019
WaveStone Absolute Return Fund – change to the Fund’s performance fee hurdle

Refer to the Document Library section of the Fidante website for further product updates.

Step 2.

Complete the relevant application form:

Application Form – Individuals, Joint Investors & Sole Traders
Application Form – Australian Companies, Trusts & Super Funds
Application Form – Foreign Companies & Trusts

Step 3.

Send all completed forms to:

Fidante Partners
Reply Paid 86049
Sydney NSW 2001
(no stamp required)

Existing Investors

Complete the relevant form to make additional investments and other account transactions:

Additional Investment Form
Transfer Request Form
Withdrawal Form
Direct Debit Request Service Agreement
Change of Details Form

For more information, call the Fidante Investor Services Team on 13 51 53 or speak to your Financial Planner.