Meet the Directors

WaveStone Capital’s principal investment team have experienced events such as the tech bubble, September 11, 2001 and the Global Financial Crisis. We have managed multi-product and multi‑billion dollar funds in both wholesale and retail markets with distinction, throughout a range of market conditions and cycles.

Fidante, an equity owner in WaveStone, provides important administrative and distribution support, leaving us free to concentrate on what really matters – investing and managing assets.

Meet the Team

The Directors are supported by a team of experienced investment analysts. Together, we have a passion for following our investment process and delivering for our clients.


Kirsty Mackay-Fisher

Deputy Portfolio Manager

Anthony Tan

Deputy Portfolio Manager

Luke Nelson

Senior Investment Analyst


Victor Yan

Investment Analyst

Nicholas Rozenbergs


Komal Jalan

Senior Analyst

Who We Are

WaveStone Capital is an Australian equities investment manager based in Sydney. WaveStone’s Director Catherine Allfrey, together with retired principals Ian Harding and Graeme Burke, formed WaveStone in 2006. Raaz Bhuyan joined WaveStone as a Director in 2014, bringing with him over 20 years of project finance, broking and investment management experience. WaveStone manages over $6.8 billion in assets as at 31 December 2023.


Our corporate logo is a Plasmid – a circular, independent strand of DNA capable of self-replication. It represents our strong, autonomous approach to investing and our potential to achieve competitive, repeatable performance.

Our Partner

Fidante forms long term alliances with talented investment teams to support and grow specialist investment management businesses. By providing a broad range of integrated services to WaveStone Capital, Fidante frees up the WaveStone investment team to focus on what we do best; investing and managing assets.

Underpinning Fidante’s service offering is the organisational stability and strength offered by Fidante’s parent company, Challenger Limited (Challenger). Established in 1985, Challenger Limited is one of Australia’s Top 100 companies with $90.9 billion in assets under management as at 31 December 2023.

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