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April 2022

Catherine Allfrey joined SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Goncalves to discuss the market's near record high.

March 2022

For International Women's Day 2022, Livewire highlights 10 accomplished female investors, including Catherine Allfrey.

March 2022

It's vital women pay particular attention to their wealth. Catherine Allfrey discusses why consistency is key when it comes to investing.

December 2021

Catherine Allfrey joined SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Goncalves to discuss inflation and the market impact of Omicron.

November 2021

Catherine Allfrey shares WaveStone's views on the impact of the Omicron COVID variant.

November 2021

Top fundies (including WaveStone) name 11 stock picks for running of the Golden Bull

August 2021

Catherine Allfrey shares WaveStone's view on reporting season with the AFR.

August 2021

Catherine Allfrey joins Ross Greenwood to discuss August company reporting season (3:43 minute mark).

August 2021

WaveStone's expert analysis examines how companies are spending their cash in FY22.

July 2021

Catherine Allfrey joins Ross Greenwood to discuss share buybacks in the Australian market (32:35 minute mark).

July 2021

Kirsty Mackay-Fisher comments on the takeover bid for Sydney Airport.

June 2021

Catherine Allfrey discusses how the rising bond yield is going to have an impact as we move back to normalcy.

June 2021

Where are we in the market cycle? Catherine Allfrey shares her thoughts.

June 2021

Catherine Allfrey busts a key investing myth and also shares tips to avoid the traps and be a better investor

June 2021

Catherine Allfrey shares which stock and theme she believes every investor should consider for their portfolio.

January 2021

Raaz Bhuyan discusses the highs and lows of 2020 and reflects on his career in funds management.

October 2020

Industry super fund HESTA has launched an initiative to increase gender diversity in the executive teams of the ASX200 companies and already has the support of industry heavyweights.

October 2020

Fund managers including WaveStone Capital have signed up to HESTA's 40:40 Vision campaign, which aims to achieve gender balance in executive leadership across ASX200 companies by 2030.

September 2020

Catherine Allfrey shares why despite the economic uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail sector – particularly online retailers – saw “unprecedented” growth in the last six months.

July 2020

The ability to recognise industry headwinds early and a focus on “superior corporate DNA” has helped the WaveStone Dynamic Australian Equity fund to victory in this year’s Fund Manager of the Year awards.

June 2020

Some of Australia's leading fund managers warned valuations across the loss-making buy now, pay later sector are too high during The Australian Financial Review's Inside Markets webcast.

June 2020

Catherine Allfrey joins a panel of leading fund managers on this episode of AFR's Inside Markets webcast.

April 2020

Raaz Bhuyan shares his thoughts on the Australian equity market following the ASX200's worst quarter in over 30 years.

March 2020

At the AFR Business Summit, Catherine Allfrey discussed implications for Australian companies amidst the coronavirus-driven market sell off.

February 2020

Raaz Bhuyan shares his expectations for February 2020 reporting season with the AFR's William McInnes.

December 2019

In an interview with Vesna Poljak, Catherine Allfrey shares her outlook for the Australian economy in 2020.

August 2019

Ross Greenwood speaks to Catherine Allfrey from WaveStone Capital about the current conditions of the global economy.

July 2019

Catherine Allfrey shares her reporting season expectations on ABC's The Business.

March 2019

Catherine Allfrey shares her outlook on one of the 10 most tipped stocks from the Livewire readers survey, CBA.

February 2019

Catherine Allfrey joins a group of female funds management leaders to discuss gender balance across different industry sectors.

December 2018

Raaz Bhuyan comments on the outlook for Bunnings, now the undisputed star of Wesfarmers' show.

September 2018

Ten years on from the Global Financial Crisis, Catherine Allfrey reflects on WaveStone's experience at the time and how markets compare today.

June 2018

Underperforming large cap stocks need to be willing to consider shrinking their empires if they have run out of growth and ideas, top fund managers have urged.

June 2018

The AFR's Jonathan Shapiro recaps key issues discussed by the Australian equities panel - featuring WaveStone's Catherine Allfrey - at this year's Livewire Live event.

March 2018

WaveStone's Catherine Allfrey joins Australia's leading female fund managers to discuss the gender imbalance in the industry, and encourage young women to pursue careers in investment management.

February 2018

From work experience at a stockbroking firm to the Australian Fund Manager Hall of Fame, Catherine Allfrey discusses the most influence factors shaping her career.

October 2017

Ross Greenwood speaks to Catherine Allfrey from WaveStone Capital, who has become the first female to be inducted into the Australian Fund Manager’s Hall of Fame.

October 2017

WaveStone's Principal and Portfolio Manager Catherine Allfrey was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 2017 Australian Fund Manager Awards

September 2017

Catherine Allfrey, Principal and Portfolio Manager at WaveStone Capital was named the inaugural winner of the Investment Manager of the Year award at the 2017 Women In Finance awards

August 2017

In this video with Livewire, Catherine Allfrey shares her thoughts on the August 2017 company reporting season.

March 2017

At the AFR Business Summit, WaveStone principal Catherine Allfrey discussed what she looks for in a company's capital allocation.

March 2016

The WaveStone Capital team have been named finalists in the Money Management 2016 Fund Manager of the Year Awards in the Australian Equities (Broadcap category).